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What's So Crazy About It?
Crazy quilting was popular in the United States during the Victorian Era, in the mid 1800's.  Unlike the rigidly geometric traditional quilts (that you have to be a geometry whiz to create), crazy quilts feature irregularly shaped, seemingly randomly placed pieces of fabric with embellishment-enhanced seams.  Traditional quilts use only 100% cotton fabrics, while crazy quilts can include silk, wool, satin, velvet, moire, and taffeta, in addition to cotton.

In accordance with the "overdone" style of the Victorian Era, crazy quilts were embellished with hand-embroidered seams and motifs, ribbon work, lace, buttons, charms, fancy trims, beads, and just about anything else the stitcher chose to use - sometimes even hair!  Crazy quilting was also used on smaller items such as pillows and table runners.

Some crazy quilts were strictly utilitarian while some were purely decorative.  Some were commemorative in that they included items of personal significance, such as a piece of fabric from a deceased relative's garment, a doily crocheted by a favorite aunt, or lace from a bridal veil.

Crazy quilting is as unique as the person who does the stitching.  No two people stitch alike, so no two crazy quilted projects are alike - even if they were stitched from the same pattern.  There's also a sort of magical quality to the crazy quilting process.  You never quite know how the finished product will look until you've completed your last stitch.  I suppose it must seem "crazy" to traditional quilters to not know what the final product will look like !  It must also look to a traditional quilter as if a "crazy person" assembled the hodgepodge of fabrics.  The very quality that makes it "crazy" also makes it exciting, adventurous, and even therapeutic.  It is the ultimate sewing outlet for personal expression.

The Uniquely Crazy creations on this site feature hand embroidery with fine silk, cotton, and rayon threads, silk ribbon embroidery, beadwork, lace, vintage buttons, charms, and trims.  Everything was selected and stitched with great care and particular attention to detail.  The commissioned items were tailor-made for the recipients using their favorite colors, themes, and sometimes their initials.  Some items were given as gifts to special friends and relatives.  A few items were made for my own enjoyment.

Thank you for taking the time to view my handiwork.  Now, why don't you try it and see how much fun "crazy" can be?

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